Start 2024 on a Blue Note…..

Start 2024 on a Blue Note…..

Blue notes are the expressive tones found between any 2 keys on a piano. Western music has selected 12 tones per octave, but, these in-between blue notes add mystery, depth, character and emotion to music. Stringed instruments, like the ukulele and guitar, can bend these notes in ways similar to vocalists. This evocative approach is prevalent in blues and jazz. There are two golden opportunities to study these notes and others with me in early 2024. 

Ukulele Blues Club

There are still a few seats available in this one-of-a-kind offering. This class will meet once per month (2nd Wednesdays) online for 2 hours. Materials will drop a day or so before each class. We will dig deep into the elements of blues music which has spawned so many genres. Jazz, rock'n'roll, country and hip-hop are among the children of the blues. This is a great class for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. There will be substantial overview of various blues forms, in addition to, differentiated arrangements of specific songs from artists like Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith and many more. Early bird pricing has been extended. More details are below. Please join for a year of fun, learning and BLUES!

10th Annual edUKEcation Workshops

Ukulele Jazz Band: Kind of Blue

Miles Davis' album Kind of Blue is the best-selling record in jazz history, has been called the Citizen Kane of jazz, and is as vital today as it was when released 66 years ago. Heralded as a new direction in American music, these tracks are full of moody, modal, majestic magic. This 3-day in-person workshop will deconstruct these tunes and place them in a differentiated setting to accommodate beginners through advanced players. Early Bird price is extended for one more week. More info below.

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