7th Annual edUKEcation Workshops

May 21-23 2021

Blues music uses its own original lexicon to create an art form that is musically and emotionally resonant, intelligent and spawned at least a century's worth of music in the U.S. alone. Believe it or not, ukulele is an excellent instrument  on which to make these soulful sounds.

Learn the basics and some deep tricks of the trade from this classic American musical form. Ukulele parts for high-G, Low-G and Baritone. Bass parts available.

The Ukulele Blues Band Approach ensures that you get to find the right part for YOU and you get to be part of a virtual ukulele blues band!

Shuffle rhythms, Chicago Blues, Slide ukulele, Triplets, Soloing, Choice Chords and much more will be shared in this rare offering.

All levels Welcome

$99 Early Bird Price through 3/15/2021 ($150 after 3/15/21)