Thursday Workshop Series 7-8:30 pm (Beginner-Intermediate)

8/1 Fingerstyle Meditations # 2 We will dig into some of the meditative qualities of fingerstyle arpeggios and group arrangements. This workshops continues where the first meditations class left off. Ensemble arpeggios, PIMA, layered rhythms and exotic sounds will be explored for this 90-min excursion.$35

8/15 Intro to Bluegrass Ukulele This popular workshop will give us some pickin' and some grinnin'! We will delve into a classic bluegrass tune and uncover many secrets along the way. Secret chords, riffs, scales and more will provide something for everyone!

Saturday Workshop Series 2:30-4pm (Intermediate-Advanced)

8/3 Intro to Campanella Style NEW Campanella is a Spanish term that means "little bells"and this approach gives the ukulele a harp-like quality of extra sustain as notes ring into each other. We will learn some mind-expanding ways to play scales and a couple of tunes. Re-entrant tuning (High-G) is best for the full experience of this new workshop. $35

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