Beginners Series

absolUKE Beginners 

Are you new to music and/or ukulele? Are you ready to learn how to hold, tune, strum, and play some songs on this portable and fun instrument? This is the class for you!  Join my entry level course to get you playing in only 5 weeks. We will play at least one song together during the first class.  It is a fast-paced way to learn ukulele, make music, and have fun! 

Tuesdays 6-7pm 6/4-7/9 Off 7/2 $150

Ukulele Songs for Beginners 

This 5-week class will teach some classic ukulele songs as well as some unexpected gems. Strumming and new chords will be taught from a wide array of sources. This is a perfect follow up to the absolUKE Beginners class and for those who would like to play some fun and simple songs. Songs include: Classic Texas Western Swing, a Duke Ellington tune, and much more. 

Tuesdays 6-7pm 7/16-8/20 OFF 7/23 $150

The Advancing Beginner *NEW*
This 6-week course is designed for students who have completed absolUKE Beginners and Ukulele Songs for Beginners.  Think of it as the third phase of beginner learning.  We will work on honing practicing, strumming, learning more chords, more songs, playing as an ensemble and some cool "riffs". 
Mondays 6/3-7/15  (OFF 7/1)
6-7pm $165 through May 1st ($195 on May 2nd)

Ukulele in the Classroom

UITC 1:2

Book 1 Semester 2

Monday 7-8pm

Studio B

June 3- August 19

OFF July 1st and July 22nd

UITC 3:1

Book 3 Semester 1

Tuesday 7-8pm

Studio A

June 4-August 20

OFF July 2nd and July 23rd

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